SOFTBACK The Murder of LaVoy Finicum as told by his daughter Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent


Regardless of which political side you might fall on, this story is so compelling, tragic, and iconic that once your journey of discovery begins, the hope is you will be moved by the details.

Everyone who was there with Dad on that fateful day was acquitted in an Oregon Federal Court. Today my Dad, the “dead man,” has his day in court. You, the readers become the jury—reviewing his side for the first time.
Dad was One Cowboy who stood to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against domestic adversaries.The series of events that led up to that tragic day, January 26, 2016, in Oregon, where his right to life was taken, are grossly misunderstood by a vast amount of Americans.
Begin your journey of discovery to decide, was he the villain, fool, or hero?

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