Why Is Freedom So Important?

LaVoy Finicum is a Northern Arizona Rancher who loved nothing more in life than God, family, and freedom.

Finicum FamilyLaVoy and Jeanette Finicum

As he has watched the ever increasing encroachment of government into the lives of the American people he has felt to make a stand for freedom. He has drawn a line in the sand and that line is the Constitution in its original intent.
The Constitution of the United States of America is a charter to protect the freedom of man by putting strict limits on government. We are living in a day when that supreme law of the land has been shredded by the very government that took an oath to uphold it. By their actions the Federal Government has become lawless and stalks the liberties of this land under the guise of social justice.

Shown below are LaVoy and Jeanette’s 12 children. This is why freedom is so important!