Mission Statement

Finicum Family Mission Statement

We the Finicum Family, seeking to better understand, maintain and defend our God given rights to further our eternal happiness,
will virtuously let our voices be heard.

Educating on the principles of the Constitution

and our testimonies be seen for

    Personal Property Rights
    Liberty and Freedom

and one that has become even more
near and dear to us as of late

    The importance of LIFE

Articles of What LaVoy Finicum Believed

1. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the true authors of Liberty.
2. God intended for His people to be free.
3. There are powers that be that seek to overthrow the freedom of mankind.
4. Rebellion against tyranny is a righteous cause and a man will be eternally vindicated for his virtuous and competent stand for liberty.
5. Government in its proper limited role outlined in the Constitution of the United State is needed for the success of the United States.