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LaVoy Finicum was not a member of a militia and did not serve in the United States military. He was an Arizona rancher, husband and father who loved liberty and understood his civic duty to uphold the rule of law, the United States Constitution. During the 2016 Oregon occupation he acquired the position of speaker due to his gift and ability to communicate clearly the grossly misunderstood Constitutional principles that have been abandoned, forgotten or simply not taught to the American people. His ability to powerfully teach such principles in an easily understood fashion, off the cuff, came as byproduct from years of personal study. This type of skill was paramount in the heated misunderstood context at the 2016 Oregon occupation. The family believes this is why he was assassinated, because he had an ability to reach into the hearts of all those he spoke with to help them understand their rights and therefore be empowered to appropriately use their agency to act rather than be acted upon by an overreaching government.

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